How to convert WACME to ACME

If you need to convert Ethereum-based WACME to native ACME on Accumulate, you do that through a process called releasing.

Wrapped Accumulate (WACME) is an ERC-20 wrapped version of the native ACME token on Ethereum. WACME allows users in the Ethereum ecosystem to use ACME across an array of DeFi platforms, such as Uniswap and Curve.

The Accumulate Bridge offers a simple and user-friendly method to convert WACME back into native ACME for use in Accumulate.

Converting WACME to ACME can be accomplished with the Accumulate Bridge's Release feature. Releasing refers to burning Wrapped ACME (WACME) in Ethereum to release an equal amount of ACME in Accumulate (minus bridge fees). The Accumulate Bridge simplifies releasing ACME by providing an easy-to-use interface for management.

Steps in releasing ACME

1. Connect your wallet

The first step is to visit the Accumulate Bridge in your web browser and connect your wallet.

2. Click on the release tab

3. Add the amount of WACME you want to convert, then click Approve.

4. Click the Confirm button

You will then be prompted to accept the request on your wallet.

After accepting the request, the release button will become clickable, meaning you can now release your WACME.

5. Click the Release button above

6. Click the Confirm button to accept the transaction.

Your transaction is now successful.

7. Check that ACME was sent to your destination address on the Accumulate Explorer.

Transaction hash

You can also view the transaction on Etherscan by copying the transaction hash displayed by the bridge.

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