Release Note 2.0 RC2

Accumulate Release Candidate 2 (RC2) Release Notes – 09/06/22
🚀  New  
  • Add height to /status
  • Integrate factom snapshot with accumulate genesis tool
  • Allow new Factom data entries
  • Variable fee schedule update
  • Limit delegation depth
  • Validate validator set at Genesis
  • Validate anchor and synthetic transaction keys against dn.acme/network instead of dn.acme/operators
  • Route when query-tx with txid
  • Send synthetic transactions as an RPC batch
🔧  Fixes 
  • ParseLiteAddress panics on small hex values
  • getVersion is exiting with check errors when it should be returning error
  • Do not allow adding a page as an authority
  • Various performance improvements
  • Correct configuration issue with routing transactions to DN
  • Limit URL length
  • Update Tendermint to 0.35.9
  • Pending synthetic transactions cause performance to suffer badly
  • Delegation allows replay
  • StateManager.AddAuthority checks the wrong URL
  • Able to Remove Delegate Entry (Only Entry) on Highest Priority Key Page
  • Able to add Duplicate Keys When Creating a New Key Page
  • UpdateKey doesn’t work with a delegated signature
  • Add more logging to the sequence healing code
  • Eliminate remote transactions
  • Accumulated logs are a little too silent at startup
  • Decouple API v2 from ABCI
  • Query-tx API should accept the fully qualified tx ID (URL)
  • Replace block index with an account
  • Export the client
  • Move URL package to not internal
  • Remove deprecated terms