Import a Factom wallet

See CLI setup for instructions on downloading the CLI binaries or building from source

Import private keys

If you have not yet, initialize your wallet's mnemonic with accumulate wallet init create. This can be done at any time.

Run accumulate key import factoid and paste your private key into the prompt. Do this for each key.

Import a mnemonic

Run accumulate wallet init import mnemonic and paste your mnemonic into the prompt. Enter and reender a password when prompted. This password encrypts your new wallet.

Run accumulate key generate --sigtype rcd1 <nickname> to regenerate a Factom key. <nickname> is an arbitrary nickname the CLI uses as a shorthand for the key. Run this command once for each key you generated from this mnemonic in your Factom wallet. If your Factom wallet had 5 keys generated with this mnemonic, run this command 5 times (with different nicknames).

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