Release Note 0.6

Accumulate 0.6.1 Release Notes – 06/02/22

🚀 New

  • Routing debug tool

  • Remove redundant slippage parameter from CLI credit purchase

  • Handle synthetic transactions sent out of order

  • Rename key page entry ‘owner’ to ‘delegate’

  • Eliminate the mirror transaction

  • Add linters

  • Sign a message with the cli

  • Anchor the DN in the DN

  • Require approval from a key book when adding that key book to the authority set of an account

  • Review Rosetta API Endpoints

  • Staking Implementation Document

  • Eliminate the data chain

  • Split up synthetic anchor transaction

  • Query specific block by height

  • Create the operator key books

  • Major block design

  • Clarify wording in receipt

  • Add test coverage for legacyEd25519, btc, btcLegacy, eth in CLI tests

  • ABCI snapshot functions

  • Do not create empty blocks

  • Require proof of external dependencies when executing certain operations

  • Guarantee synthetic transaction delivery

🔧 Fixes

  • AC-1525 Improve error messages

  • Fix flaky anchor test

  • API does not support delegated signatures

  • Query-minor-blocks does not return “total”

  • Refactor delegated signatures and key handling

  • Unionize executor requests

  • Make data entry a tagged union

  • Move test coverage of administrative test function in to separate file

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