Open source and contribution

Accumulate open source contribution page

Thank you for considering contributing to the Accumulate project! We welcome and appreciate contributions from the community and are grateful for the time and effort people put into improving the project.

Accumulate is an open-source protocol and is open to contributions. The Accumulate team appreciates every contribution to the project in the form of a feature request, bug report, or pull request.

The following repositories are open-source and contributions-friendly:

  • Accumulate core software (hosted on Gitlab here)

  • Accumulate Explorer (hosted on Github here)

  • Accumulate Documentation (hosted on Github here)

Code of Conduct

We expect all contributors to the Accumulate project to adhere to our Code of Conduct. This document outlines the standards of behavior that we expect from all community members. In addition, it guides how to report any incidents of misconduct.

Please read our contribution guide for more information about contributions to the Accumulate codebase.

Contributing to the documentation

We encourage our contributors to follow Google's writing style when adding to our documentation. This style guide provides clear and concise guidelines for writing technical material, which will help to ensure that our documentation is consistent and easy to understand for all readers.

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