Release Note 1.0 RC1

Accumulate v1.0 and Release Candidate1 (RC1) Release Notes – 07/22/22
🚀  New
  • Add network file deployment test
  • `.acme` is a valid ADI name
  • A synthetic transaction will never be delivered if it arrives after its anchor.
  • Add Entry Blocks to the flat files of the Factom Entry Extraction
  • Add guards for –reset
  • Add security for proxy / validator config
  • Allow new Factom data entries
  • Block self-delegation
  • CLI import key makes bad assumption about key type
  • CLI tx execute: accept YAML
  • Configurable routing
  • Convert batch to data model entity
  • Convert transaction to data model entity
  • Create data model based database infrastructure
  • Create Snapshot of Factom Entries
  • Dataset logger for creating tabular data
  • Debug TestMissingSynthTxn
  • Deprecate use of persistent peers
  • Enforce anchor sequence and delivery
  • Gen-types –include is broken
  • Halt Factom at a Particular Block Height
  • Include a version in the snapshot header
  • Include the list of accounts within an ADI as part of the ADI’s state
  • Leverage checktx priority for SyntheticTransactions
  • Lock lite token accounts
  • Major Block API Task
  • Make transaction blacklist marshal as a list
  • Make validator key books subordinate to dn/operators
  • Minor block API excludes anchors
  • Move account indices to data model
  • Multiple output issue tokens
  • Not able to generate lite Identity/lite token account with already created “key”/”public key”
  • Partially Refund ACME Balance for Failed Add Credit Transaction (Deduct 1 Credits worth of ACME)
  • Preserve state during CheckTx
  • Prevent refund cycle
  • Reduce the signature fee to match the scratch write data fee
  • Refactor accumulated config directory structure
  • Refactor transaction status
  • Remove grpc support
  • Remove IDE-specific files
  • Remove Private Key import from command line input in CLI
  • Remove the validator key book
  • Replace scratch accounts with scratch chains
  • TestAdd/RemoveKey tests broken
  • Update indices and SMT to use the struct cache
  • Update the Devnet to run in dual-mode (pairing BVN node and DN node)
  • Update type generator
  • UpdateKey can create duplicates
  • Use a fixed set of chains
  • Use a full snapshot as the genesis document
  • Use data model for database cache
  • Use full chainId/accountId as the lite data url
  • Validate major block API in CI and make major block timing configurable
  • Validate synthetic and anchor signers against dn/network
  • Wallet Backup Import and Export Design
  • When Creating a Duplicate Authority the Transaction Should Fail
  • Write Load Code Utility
🔧  Fixes 
  • Able to Set Threshold to 0
  • Fix add credits
  • Handle IssueTokens failure
  • Issuing Custom Tokens to an ACME Token Account Changes ACME Account Balance
  • Not able to generate lite Identity/lite token account with already created “key”/”public key”
  • Panic in SubnetSyntheticLedger.Add
  • Sending a synthetic transaction to the DN crashes it
  • TestCLI is failing in CI (June 13)
  • Updating a Key Book URL and Public Key Hash with a different Delegate (Key Book URL) (signing with the Public Key Hash)(Entry: Public Key Hash, Delegate) Fails
  • Updating a Public Key Hash Entry to Include the Same Public Key and a New Key Book URL Produces a “Cannot have duplicate entries on key page” Error
  • Cleanup CLI help
  • Fix static analysis issues
  • Many CLI subcommands appear to accept more parameters than they really do
  • Remove key page index and height parameters from CLI commands
  • Rename subnet to partition