Release Note 0.5

Accumulate - Version 0.5 February 1st, 2022

🚀 New

  • Expose the number of signatures required for a pending transaction in the protocol

  • Assign a manager to an account in the CLI

  • Lite Account Identity in the CLI

  • Add Scratch Flag to ADI Data Account and ADI Token Account Creation in CLI

  • Add Token Issuance to CLI

  • Prove the inclusion of an entry in a chain

  • Support signatures other than ED25519 in the protocol

🔧 Fixes

  • Add human-readable output for token transactions in the CLI

  • URL-based query for a data entry by hash returns the wrong entry hash in the protocol

  • CLI can't read Account Balance

🔧 Improvements

  • Improved the Update key book references in the protocol

  • Allow the version check to be ignored when onboarding a node in the CLI

  • Create a CLI Command to Un-assign a Manager

  • Improved Document new encoding scheme in the protocol

  • Improved manual ACME oracle in the protocol

  • Improved the return Threshold of Pending Transaction Through API in the protocol

  • SDK Backwards compatibility for token issuer

  • Use the SDK client interface improved

  • Change Token Type for Token Issuer

  • Display Synthetic Transaction Success or Failure in CLI

  • Add Command to CLI to show Pending TXs

  • Make a chain unmanaged

  • Add a manager to an existing chain

  • Assign manager key book when a record is created

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