Frequently asked question

  1. Who can stake ACME?

People that want to participate in the protocol and those that wish to stake their tokens. Those participating by running nodes or fully in governance must be vetted as unique individuals in the protocol and may have other responsibilities.

Those that wish to stake their tokens can delegate them to protocol participants. No delegates need vetting, nor must they run any nodes or processes. Delegating stakers to earn the same tokens at the same rate as the participant they delegate to. 10% of a delegate's rewards go to the protocol participant, and 90% to the delegater.

  1. How much ACME can I stake?

You can stake as much ACME as you wish

  1. How much ACME can node operators stake?

Node operators can stake as much ACME as they wish.

  1. What are the rewards for staking ACME and helping secure the network?

The rewards earned by staking ACME are calculated based on several factors. Rewards today do not vary based on the role of an operator, but that may change in the future. Furthermore, after May 5, 2023, individuals may choose their locking period. Locking for longer increases the weight of the tokens staked. Waving the right of early withdraws from staking will increase the weight of the tokens staked.

We calculate the rewards to be paid at the beginning of each month, and those tokens are distributed to the weighted tokens of all stakers. If more people stake, rewards for a token staked will go down. If fewer people stake, rewards will go up. Furthermore, because ACME has a supply limit, rewards will decrease over time. Currently, rewards are at about 25 to 30 percent APR.

  1. Where will users receive their staking reward for each staking option?

Anyone staking tokens can specify a reward account. If the reward account is their staking account, their staking will compound weekly as rewards are paid out on Fridays. If their reward account is not staked, rewards are immediately available for transacting (regardless of locking options on the staking account).

  1. Will staking rewards be automatically re-staked?

Rewards will be restaked automatically if the staker designates their staking account as the rewards account. Furthermore, the staker can deposit more ACME to their staking account anytime.

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