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Ledger Integration

This guide will help you connect your Ledger device to your Accumulate wallet (ACME) account. The Accumulate wallet enables you to send and receive ACME.
  • You need to have Docker installed on your system.
  • You need to have Git installed.
  • It works on a Linux Ubuntu OS only.
  • The Accumulate CLI supports the following hardware device: Ledger Nano S plus and Ledger Nano X.

Install the Accumulate Ledger (ACME) app on your Ledger device

Step 1
Clone Ledger repo from GitHub
git clone
Step 2
Locate the builder folder.
cd ledger-app-builder
Step 3
Run the ledger builder.
sudo Docker build -t ledger-app-builder:latest .
Step 4
Compile the app.
sudo docker run --rm -ti -v "$(realpath .):/app" ledger-app-builder:latest
Step 5
Then exit the shell
Step 6
Clone Accumulate repo from Gitlab in the ledger builder repo
git clone
Step 7
Locate the accumulate folder.
cd app-accumulate
Step 8
Run the below command to open the docker shell.
Step 9
Run the following command in the app folder.
Note: You will need to connect the Nano s-plus to your laptop and ensure it's unlocked.
Step 10
Add the following to ENV by typing the following command.
BOLOS_SDK=/opt/nanosplus-secure-sdk make load
If it doesn't work, run make clean then rerun the step 10 command.
Step 11
At this stage, your Ledger Nano will show you Deny unsafe manager and an arrow > to see other options like Public key and Allow safe manager.
Deny unsafe manager
Press the right button to navigate to Allow safe manager. Then press both buttons to accept.
Allow unsafe manager
Step 12
Install app Accumulate by pressing the right button until you see Perform installation
Install app accumulate
Then, press both buttons to perform the installation.
Perform installation
Your Ledger device will prompt you to enter your pin again.
If the installation is complete, you will see the screen below.
You have successfully installed Accumulate on your Ledger device via CLI.