Validator node setup with AccMan
This guide will run you through how to create a Validator Node.
Please complete the Follower node setup with AccMan. To become a Validator Node, a Follower Node is created first. It is recommended to use Accman for this process. Please click images to enlarge.
Select "Accumulate - Manage Node" and hit Enter
Scroll Down to “Display Registration Info” and Click Enter
The Public Key (pubkey) is what an Operator will provide as their Validator Key to the Protocol
The address is a Hash of the Public Key
It is recommended that the Operator's Operator Key is different than the Validator Key
An Operator Key can be generated in the Command Line Interface
./accumulate key generate [Key Name]
./accumulate key generate operatorkey1
Password: ********
name : operatorkey1 lite account : acc://11d3217fda3c863c2e66936826987edb3a4467f540279689/ACME public key : 1df37076ff875fc2a9c99a647622d33b1c194ff0d821c40b93fffac1743acca2 key type : ed25519
The Public Key in the Output will server as the Operator Public Key
Please Provide the Validator Public Key and Operator Public Key to a member of the Operator Key Page. Two-thirds of the Operators will sign a transaction to add your Operator Key and a second transaction to add your Validator Key. For more information please see the Operator Onboarding Guide.
When you search in a Web Page your node's I.P. (I.P. :16592.status), if the voting power is 0 you are running a follower node. If the voting power is 1 you are running a Validator Node.
In a future AccMan release the type of Node you are running will be visible in your AccMan console.
To Verify your Operator Key is in the Operator Key Page query ./accumulate get dn.acme/operators/1 in the CLI.
To Verify your Validator Key is in the Networks Data Account query
./accumulate get dn.acme/network in the CLI
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