Validator Node Setup
This guide will run you through how to create a Validator Node to an Accumulate network.
A unique type of full node called a validator node takes part in "consensus." By taking part in consensus, validator nodes take on additional responsibilities such as transaction verification, voting, and maintaining a record of transactions.
The validator node connects to the Accumulate network and allows users to record and sign transactions in the Accumulate blockchain.
A transaction must be validated and authorized before being added to the blockchain.
A Validator is the same as a follower, except that it is trusted to check everything. It is accepted if enough Validators (usually 51%) agree on something.
Video Walkthrough


AccMan aka (Accumulate Manager runner)
The AccMan is a package that allows you to start the installation process of Accumulate manager.
Using the Accumulate manager is the recommended method of running a node on the Accumulate network. For more info about Accumulate manager, click here (Accumulate manager is a tool (watch the video); it is simple but powerful.).
These steps are optimized for Linux servers, but you can install it on a personal Linux OS as well, by running the commands as root (use `sudo su` to switch to root in your terminal)
Follow the steps below to set up your Accumulate `Node` on your machine.
Update apt and install prerequisites
To install AccMan, you will need to log in as root.
apt update && apt -y install git telnet net-tools mtr
Clone repo
git clone
Locate accman folder
cd accman
Run script
This script will install Ubuntu OS and the latest version of Docker.
The firewall assumes ssh access is on port 22. Read the firewall section if this is not the case. Failing to do so will lock you out of your server. Also, you will need to open ports for Accumulate to operate if you have an external firewall.
Run accman
This command will start Accumulate manager.
The above command will return an output similar to the following:
From the Accumulate manager main menu
  • Click Accumulate - Create
  • Click Start new Node
  • Select the network you wish to join.
  • Select a BVN
We recommend you select `Auto.`
  • Select the network you wish to join.
Now, you have your Node running. 🥳🥳🥳
Also, if you want to create an ssh login account, it will take you directly to the Accumulate Manager menu:
./accman createuser accman
This will create a login account accman. The private keys from `/root/.ssh/authorized_keys` will be copied to /home/accman/.ssh/authorized_keys. Edit as necessary.

Firewall & Rate Limiting

Locking down your server is essential. By default, Accumulate Manager will take care of this for you. To make manual changes, edit the file accordingly.
Remember, it is still your responsibility to ensure your server is secure.

SSL certificates

A self-certificate is generated automatically on start-up. If you have an existing certificate for a domain name, copy the .crt and .key files to the ./certs directory. They will be read on start-up; the`.pem` files are also compatible.
Also, rename them to .crt and .key files. Make sure the files are kept valid. For example, if you provide an e-mail address, Accumulate Manager will attempt to get a certificate from LetsEncrypt and keep it renewed.