Accumulate is a novel blockchain network designed to be hugely scalable while maintaining security. The purpose of this documentation is to give a general overview of Accumulate and to serve as a starting point for new users.

Suggested reading

Developers should find everything they need in the Developers section.
If you would like to run your own Accumulate node, check out the Operators section.
If you would like to learn more about the technical concepts and the unique design choices of Accumulate, then the Deep Dive section is for you.
Looking to get your hands dirty? Check out the CLI Tutorial, which will run you through some basic Accumulate operations using the command line tool.

Source Code

To see the Accumulate source code, please click here.
The repository for this documentation is hosted on Github. Feel free to contribute!
Please visit Contributing to be able to set up your environment and download the Accumulate source code.

Please note...

Accumulate is a brand new Blockchain protocol, and as is typical of new software, will be evolving often. This documentation will evolve with it, but may be a bit behind new changes.
If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please ask on our Discord or on our Telegram channel. Everyone there is happy and eager to help.
Have any suggestions or feedback to make this documentation better? Please drop us a note! You can message us on Discord or Telegram.
Or even better, you can contribute to the documentation directly! Accumulate is an open source protocol and therefore the documentation is also open source. You can submit a Pull Request with any changes you'd like to see on Github.
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